Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2013 season already off to a great start!

     After some serious time off to get my neck back to at least a neutral position... this week kicks off my new training plan for the upcoming 2013 racing season. In preparation for my training and race schedule I was surfing the net and came across an open invitation to submit an online application for consideration for selection onto the inaugural THETRISHOP.com triathlon team. Some time last year I signed up to receive their email flyers and so I was already aware of their site but after reading through their application and reading that their core values are...

- Have fun, learn and grow as a person and athlete
- Help others learn and grow by sharing what you have learned
- Be brand ambassadors for The Tri Shop and co-sponsors

... they aligned perfectly with my values and thus I decided to give it a shot. If there is one thing I have learned over the course of the past two years doing road races, duathlons and triathlons it is that you get the opportunity to meet a ton of great people and each one of them has a unique story about how or why they are doing that event... either as a seasoned veteran or a newbie. I have certainly had a lot of great support from family, friends, coaches and even complete strangers along the way and I am always looking for ways to pay stuff forward.... whether it be gear, ideas, tips or techniques I have seen work for me. If I can encourage just one person to give it a try I know they will really enjoy the experience and probably encourage someone they know to do the same. So with that attitude... being a member of an organization with those similar kind of goals seemed like a win-win situation.

So... last week I was notified that I was selected to be a member of their team and I could not be more thrilled with the opportunity. The reality is that I am going to race and why not do it with a team that embraces the idea of having fun, embracing personal growth and helping others in the process... not to mention it has some nice perks to go with it. THANK YOU THETRISHOP.com !!!!

This year I will be changing my colors...  I wonder if Santa has any cool black and red helmets in his workshop???

Attitude Trumps Pain!©

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  1. Congratulations Scott! Sounds like a perfect fit.