Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Multisport season sponsorship!

A few weeks back I ran across a post on the Slowtwitch forum soliciting interested competitive age group triathletes to apply for a slot on a newly corporate sponsored triathlon team. Now... I know what you are thinking... but in my mind I think I am competitive! Anyway... I threw caution into the wind and put together all the information that was being asked of me to provide... a short bio, 2010 event results, 2011 planned events... well yesterday I received an email letting me know that I am one of the 12 selected to be on the inaugural team for the 2011 season!!!

That is way cool... but even cooler... it means companies that have signed up as sponsors offer incentives to the team... which means free gear, product and service discounts and potential media interaction as well as photos on their websites! I could not be more thrilled to be a part of this initiative put together by Ryan Falkee... soon you will see me listed as one of the team members on his website found here!

As of right now he has managed to line up several sponsors and there will be more in the future... I am stoked!

Attitude trumps pain!

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