Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grease Monkey Wipes Review

Alright... I ordered some Grease Monkey Wipes as they are one of our sponsors... both a canister as well as some of the individually packaged wipes for traveling. Here is the website...

Grease Monkey Wipes are multi-purpose cleaning wipes that use an all natural citrus formula for heavy duty cleaning. Each wipe easily removes grease, grime, oil, paint, marker and other messes from skin and surfaces.

I have used these wipes twice now... once after swapping the rear cassette on my bike from my training wheel to my race wheel... and then again today after changing the oil in my truck... THESE THINGS ROCK!!! They really work... 

Both times I have been truly impressed with how well these things work... not only did they clean my hands but they also cleaned off my bike parts... PERFECTLY every time!

Things I like about them

  • They work as advertised
  • Clean citrus smell
  • Fabric like material
  • Durable- don't fall apart when scrubbing hard
  • Cleaning power
  • Individually wrapped for easy travel
Things I would change
  • Maybe a bit larger in size but that is being picky
Bottom line: Highly recommended... you will love having these in your garage, car,  seat bag, purse, diaper bag or transition bag.... you name it... and they work!


  1. Let me also add this... you know the permanent marker they use at multisport events to write you race number on your arms and legs... one wipe took all of it off with exceptional ease... I LOVE THESE THINGs!!!