Thursday, March 31, 2011


Alright... so I orderd a TMAT PRO for this season to replace my golf towel that served as my transition area foundation... so what is a TMAT PRO?

  • It s a nice neoprene material available in multiple colors

  • Measures 21 x 30 inches*- fits compactly between bikes

  • Bright colors identify your transition space

  • Rolls up to fit in the side of a backpack

  • Clean-up is a breeze. Simply wash the mat with water. Apply Shout stain remover on tough stains.

  •      If you read my blog you know that this past weekend I competed in the PowerMan Alabama Double Oaks Duathlon in Oak Mountain State Park just outside of Birmingham. This was the inagural event for using my new TMAT PRO... as mentioned... it rolls up small enough to actually fit in the water bottle holder of my transition bag... which is really nice. Now... as I was setting up my transition area... the guy next to me asks me what it was and I proceed to tell him about it... he then thanks me for using it as it is going to serve as his visual clue for bike location.... 5 mins into this and there are already 2 happy people!
          Okay... at first I was not thrilled with the color but now in hindsight I am thrilled that it is bright yellow as it REALLY stands out in the congestion of the transition area. As it turns out... I end up having some of the fastest transition times in the entire event... partially due to practice and partially due to being able to quickly locate my area with complete ease.
        Please keep in mind that these mats can be used for a whole host of different things... you could put one in your gym bag or swim bag and use it for changing clothes in the locker room to ensure you know what you are standing on or for use in the shower... you could also use it as a stretching mat to avoid getting the morning dew on you before that early run... lots of options!
        Plus they are an Official Product Partner of Team In Training (TNT), the world’s largest endurance sports training and fundraising program.... and if you purchase a mat directly from their website they will make a $10 donation to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society... help yourself and help someone else in the process... win-win if you ask me!
         I am thrilled with my TMAT PRO so far and can highly recommend it at this point... I will continue to provide feedback throughout the season!

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