Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011- A Year in Review

As 2011 closes out... I have taken a moment to go back and review my training logs and race results... and what a year it was... here are my totals:

2011 totals
Bike:93h 48m 23s  - 1641.45 Mi
Run:81h 59m 17s  - 565.82 Mi
Swim:43h 29m 19s  - 103625 Yd (58.88 Mi)

When I went into this year I set pretty high standards for myself... 

1. Not hurt myself!
2. Attain USAT Honorable Mention status in my USAT National Ranking
3. Podium in at least one multisport event
4. Lose 10 pounds
5. Increase flexibility
6. Increase Core Strength 

A review of my goals is in order...
1. Stay healthy- Minor injuries along the way... bruised toe, sprained ankle, a couple of scrapes from bike falls... all recoverable... and then the getting hit by a car happened on September 10th.... elbow is almost back to normal although I still cannot put it directly down on anything hard... and my back is still a work in progress but way better than just a few weeks ago... I will call this one achieved!
2. USAT Ranking- Nice to have high expectations... it took a total of 84.67 points to make Honorable Mention and I only got 70.1... still a great year and something for me to continue to pursue!
3. Podium- I got on the podium twice... LJCC Super Sprint with a 1st in AG but the one that I am most proud of is the 2nd in AG at the PT Solutions Sprint as it was held 2 weeks after the car incident... I will call this one achieved!
4. Weight- I lost more than 10 pounds... achieved!
5. Flexibility- I think I actually went in the other direction... my discipline for stretching needs significant improvement... fail! I have started going to Yoga at least once a week to improve in this area!
6. Core- Some improvement gained just as a result of training... need to add dedicated core strength training to my program... somewhat achieved!

One bonus that I never anticipated going into this past year was being part of a team or picking up corporate sponsorships... I had the privilege of being a part of the Falkee Triathlon Team this past year which involved a whole host of sponsorship deals and that was a great experience! Additionally, I managed to apply for and get selected for a few individual sponsorship deals as well... and look to carry those relationships forward into the new year!

Here is the list of completed events for 2011:
2/5 HAP Lemay 10K (49:56 PR)
2/13 Mercedes Half Marathon in Birmingham, AL (13.1 miles(1:51:36 PR)
3/5 New Park Family Duathlon in Montgomery, AL (2mi/10mi/2mi(1:06:24)
3/28 Powerman Alabama Double Oak Duathlon in Pelham, AL (2.5K/20K/2.5K)(1:06:20)
5/14 Peachtree International in Peachtree City GA (1.5K/40K/10K(2:48:04 PR)
5/31 LJCC Super Sprint  (200y/8mi/2mi (First Place in AG)
6/11 Buster Britton Memorial Triathlon in Birmingham AL (400y/13mi/3mi)(1:20:53)
7/10 Summer Triathlon in Lorain, OH (400y/14mi/5K(1:18:59)
8/13 Mountain lakes Triathlon in Guntersville AL (600y/16.2mi/3mi(1:22:40)
9/5 R3 29th Annual Labor Day Run Montgomery, AL (22:32)
9/24 2nd Annual PT Solutions Sprint (1:05:01(2nd Place in AG)
10/8 MANE Event 5K Prattville, AL  (21:33 PR)
10/23 Spinners 8K Prattville, AL (37:53 PR 1st in AG)
11/4 HAP 5 Miler (39:24)
11/5 Maxwell AFB Blue Streak Cycling Time Trial (6.5 mi(3rd Place in 40+)

All in all I am going to call this past year a huge success as I have established a firm foundation from which to build on for 2012. I learned a ton of things along the way from other triathletes like my Brother, Scott Jones and John Lafreniere... without the advice and support of guys like that I would still be floundering around trying to figure it all out on my own. The other huge advantage is having the love and support of my family. Doing triathlons is a selfish sport to say the least... the commitment required to be successful involves early mornings, late nights, planning and travel.... and being an observer at one of these events is a lesson in patience as the contact time with the participant is literally measured in seconds and involves getting up really early... again... selfish! 

One benefit to my obsession with this new lifestyle is the opportunity for healthy living to rub off on my family... and I am proud to say that my wife has turned into a running nut! She competed in several road races this past year and even completed her first Half Marathon. Additionally, Colby competed in several multisport events and road races and even won a local Duathlon.... plus... we... as an entire family... have participated in several road races this past year... which has set the stage for more in 2012!

So let's talk about 2012... the goals remain the same... but the gameplan is taking a different spin. I used 2011 as a year to build a solid base across all 3 disciplines... albeit I only swam from March to September and although the 2012 race season will have several repeat events scheduled... there is only one "A" race... Ironman Augusta 70.3 in September... scattered throughout the season will be other events but the goal is to do a sub 6 hour 70.3 event and I have picked Augusta as my venue. 

I learned a great lesson from Jonser this year... and that was to stop focusing on competing against others as much... to establish goals for myself and compete against myself... a much better measure of where I am... as he so eloquently put it... 

             "Nobody is you. No one has your pressures, your challenges, your physical issues, etc. So in that, the effort is yours alone and is not tied to others." ~Scott Jones

Thanks for the continued mentorship along this journey.... your insights and tips are always helpful! If anyone is interested in coaching or camps... here is their website...!!

Again... I am thankful to have family, friends and mentors that are willing to offer advice! The other change for the 2012 season... and probably the one I think is going to be the coolest... Sherri, Colby and Maddison are going to compete in the LJCC Super Sprint as a team... Maddison is going to kick things off with the swim leg and then hand it over to Colby who will execute the bike leg and then hand it over to Sherri who will anchor the team by doing the run... I am already really looking forward to this event... more to follow!

I have secured 2 sponsors already for the 2012 season... I am proud to represent and be associated with both of these companies and I LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS!!!!! I was a fan of their stuff first... so the benefits of sponsorship are awesome!


Alright... here is the 2012 plan as of today:

2012 Planned Events

2/12 Mercedes Half Marathon in Birmingham, AL
2/23 Heritage of Air Power 15K Run
3/25 Powerman Alabama Duathlon (5K/20K/2.5K)
4/22 LJCC Super Sprint (150y/6mi/2mi )
5/19 Peachtree International Olympic in Peachtree City, GA (1.5K/40K/10K)
6/?? Buster Britton Memorial Sprint (400y/13mi/5K)
9/30 ESI Ironman 70.3 Augusta (1.2mi/56mi/13.1mi

The goals have been tweaked, the focus has changed but the mantra remains same... Attitude Trumps Pain!

Happy New Year!

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